Shower Door Cleaning Instructions:

We recommend COMET BATHROOM CLEANER to keep your shower doors looking new. You should be able to find this in most grocery stores. COMET BATHROOM CLEANER comes in a 32oz. spray bottle and needs to be used weekly.
If you see mildew starting to form around your shower doors or inside your shower itself, combine into a spray bottle, a mixture of 1/3 Clorox with 2/3 water. Spray heavily around the bottom of your shower doors where you see mildew. Allow it to stay there overnight and rinse out the next morning. If you have a bad mildew problem, repeat nightly until it gets better.

Shower Door Glass Cleaning Instructions:

We recommend BAR KEEPERS FRIEND Soft Cleanser for cleaning the glass on your shower doors. USE IT ON THE GLASS ONLY. You should only use this when COMET BATHROOM CLEANER will not clean your shower door glass. BAR KEEPERS FRIEND Soft Cleanser can be found at most home stores.

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