A bathroom shower door installation follows a systematic process which begins with an idea. Our local shower door company can make your idea a reality. We've been a leader in this industry for years and our continued success depends on our customers' satisfaction.

Getting Started

Before we can begin work, the extent of the project must be established together with materials needed for the type of shower desired. This of course requires input from the customer as well as determining the preparation stage of the bathroom itself. If necessary, bath tiles, walls, room ceiling and floors will need to be prepared.
After you make a selection and place an order, according to your instructions we schedule and arrange an appointment date to begin the installation.

Exact Measurements Are Made

Once the above details are resolved, we will gather precise measurements for cutting the glass. The enclosure area must be accurately measured for a precise fit to prevent any water leakage.

Fitting & Installation

The cut-to-specs glass arrives at the work site and depending upon a framed or frameless design, the glass is carefully fitted and placed into position forming the shower enclosure. Our tempered glass is superior in strength and quality; this with a precision installation contributes to a shower that's easy to maintain and one which lasts for many years.

Sealing The Enclosure

Waterproofing the shower install to further insure against water leaking is one of the final job tasks involved. All work including silicon seals, glass edges, trim joints and contact surfaces are thoroughly tested. This is a key benefit which defines us and guarantees our customers a trouble-free and attractive shower they will admire.

We're ready when you are!

Take that first step toward a new custom shower door for your home. Pick up the phone today and call to speak with us about an installation - and remember, we love questions! We'll be delighted to answer everything you ask. What are you waiting for?
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