What is the primary difference between a framed shower door and frameless shower door?
A framed shower door is constructed of thinner less expensive glass 1/8" to 3/16" thick and utilizes metal to strengthen the enclosure.A frameless shower door enclosure is made up of 3/8" to ½" thick tempered and polished safety glass which is strong and sturdy enough to use minimal metal only to secure panels in place instead of strengthening them.
What are the advantages of a frameless shower door?
A frameless shower door will increase the value of your home, lasts three to four times longer than a framed shower door, and eliminates almost all the metal framing. In addition, your frameless shower door can always be cleaned to "like new" condition. Frameless doors open in and out verses a framed shower door, which opens out only.
Does a frameless shower door cost a consumer more than a framed shower door?
The initial cost is more for a frameless shower door, however in the long run frameless shower enclosures are less expensive.
Does a frameless shower door increase the value of a bathroom and or home?
Yes, most definitely! Whether you are going to sell your home now or in ten or twenty years from now, a frameless shower door enclosure can always be cleaned to "like new" condition and will enhance and beautify the bathroom with a touch of elegance. The bathroom and the kitchen are the most looked at areas in a home from perspective buyers.
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